Thursday, August 20, 2009

Being Kabbalah

I was recently reading a book on Kabbalah that takes you through the fast-track of its meaning and practices. Based on the principle to be proactive and NEVER reactive, it teaches that we be the "Vessel" to receive the power and light of the Creator. I am not personally a good receiver, in fact I have rarely in my life asked for help or guidance from the Creator.

I always wonder why the world is not laid at my feet, when in fact I never ask that it be. I was dumbfounded in this book when a paragraph read:

"What can I DO, starting now, that will make me worthy of the things I desire in life"

This to me is one of the most powerful thoughts and challenges I have ever read. What does that mean to each of us, how do we get started?

Any thoughts to share anyone?
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