Friday, March 20, 2020

Changing Times


As the world changes its face and points it toward the spirit world, has been activated to proceed with its mission. There will be newly activated data, stories and information for these challenging times.

March of 2020 has become a pivot point of mankind

We look forward to serving the world again and its need for information untainted by ego and “the machine” of the world media and communication.  We look forward to working with those of the same consciousness, or any that now feel the need for change.

Stay tuned, we will not forsake you.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Welcoming Change

As Summer turns to Fall we uplift our Spirits to the highest good.

Try something new and use every single day to uplift another and be kind, patient and loving to all you are blessed with being in contact or pass on your daily journeys.

It is to ourselves we are sadly most critical, most abusive - by food, excess or perhaps even worry - and willfully deny the precious gift of incarnation.

This Fall, commit to honoring the soul that’s most worthy of all the love, respect and affection you can generate.

Your own.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

That time of Year for a Perfect Hike

Well it's time to head back to Sedona and have that perfect hike!  This time of year is perfect, both cool and warm and extra special if you time it right to see all the new blooms in the high desert.

We'll give you an update to what's going on there in a few weeks and show some new photos.  Stay blessed and stay on the trails!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Changing Your "Channel" In Sedona

We've had many great experiences in Sedona, Arizona.  Hiking, exploring the vortexes, the amazing natural and organic foods (that DON'T actually cost a fortune) and amazing healing and spiritual experiences.  One of our favorite spiritual professionals for education, health suggestions, interesting information and a great overall spiritual experience is the "Inter-dimensional Channel and Psychic Seer" known simply as Shaw Ne.

A "New Channel" for All Of Life's Issues

Shaw Ne is known well throughout Sedona, parts of the nation and actually a great deal of the world.  You can find out many of the details and her background information at but we can tell you from personal experience, she's as much the "real deal" you can get.  We happened to see her brochure in the local Whole Foods market, were considering meeting with her then put it off to another day.  As luck would have it - if you believe in luck - we decided to go to one of the many weekly art fairs, walked past her booth and there she was, next to her flyer!  We didn't need any more convincing to go ahead and meet her.

Shaw Ne is also quite experienced in lapidary, gems, minerals and all things "rock" and is a fixture at the all the local art fairs.  We approached her booth of STUNNING wares and started up a conversation, then admitted to our seeing her brochure and scheduled an appointment.  We very much enjoyed her polished stones, jewelry and rare finds at her booth, then parted as we looked forward to our Channeling Session later that week.

What an Experience ...

This is were the "spoiler alert" comes in.  We don't think it's proper to tell you all about the experience we had during the channeling session - that you'll have to find out during your own session.  And we hope you do as soon as possible.  However, what we will say is it was not like anything we'd ever experienced, and we've experienced a lot.  Having studied meditation, religions, encounters, dreams, walk-ins and all things Spirit for years, this experience was much different.

As you arrive for your session, you'll find Shaw Ne prompt, kind and welcoming.  We experienced some fun chit-chat, told her where we were from, got comfortable and the experience began.  As the time passed, we covered life issues, concerns over health and employment and general suggestions and information from her "Teachers of Light" and other advisor with which she communicates during the session.  Before we knew it, we had been there three and a half hours had passed and it seemed like minutes!  We ended the session, settled up (credit/debit cards accepted) and vowed to do it again.  And have.

In closing we'd just like to note that we have since seen Shaw Ne several times in the Sedona scene, at her booth as local Art Fairs or at the occasional private session.  One thing is for sure, she's getting good information and is unbelievable consistent with her readings.  So give yourself a treat if you're ever in Sedona and look up Shaw Ne at the local Art Fairs or online at  It's an amazing experience you're not soon to forget!

Friday, December 28, 2012

NOT the End of the World

Well it's long after 12/21/12 and it seems we're all still here.  No end of the world as we know it, no global devastation, no end of all.  Or is it?

I would hope that the prophecy would indicate an "end of the world" of our selfish actions, over-consumption and ill will toward others.  Perhaps this is the end of an old world of not caring about each  other and the start of a new where compassion and humanity live as one.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  Have things changed since 12/21/12?  Are your intentions different toward others and are you less focused on the material world and the external?  We hope that this intersection of time and the universal alignment will dawn a new day on compassion and discover for us all.  We hope that it will lead to a time of reflection and care for others.

"What we think about and speak about will come about".  Let's take this time to renew our thought pattens and help develop a new and spiritually-focused world and end the old self-focused world on 12/21/12.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keeping in the Moment - by Moment

Ever let your mind wander?
Better yet, ever make your mind NOT wander?

I had read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle about a year ago. It came from a referral of a wonderful sales associate at The Crystal Vortex store in Sedona, AZ ( I found it SO annoying as Tolle repeats and repeats himself. After several chapters, I realized his method was to kindly bang the message into my hard head.

"OK, I'm in the "now", oh what about the dry cleaning, did I shut off the water? ... OK, I'm back in the Now". (rinse and repeat)

We are obsessed with thinking, 99.9% of it of no use whatsoever. The past is over, the future is not here and when it is, it will only be Now, nothing more. I studied this book for some time but it did not make the earth move. On another trip to Sedona I picked up Tolle's "A New Earth" which I just finished.

The same was true with A New Earth as far as reading difficulty, until about half way through. A New Earth is written in a similar pattern, but less repetitive. It relates back to the "Now" information in his former book, but is more so based around our out of control egos and how they manage and control our ever-waking life. Oh and sleep. Every wake up in the middle of the night and our mind gets busy and keeps you up? That's the ego at work.

It was not until about half way through A New Earth that I finally "got it". After a lot of the repetition I finally saw the sickness and lack of control of our egos which effects every aspect of our human be-ing. I bore the readers with this because I have FINALLY seen the ego from a third-party view - my real self. It's amazing when you finally see all the mania your mind-ego creates and manages you - not the other way around.

Wars, ego. A larger new home, ego. The latest gadget, ego. Gossip, ego. Putting others down, ego. the list is endless but there's hope. It's the sane moments in between all of the ego episodes that show the small glimmer of hope. Then the small moments become larger moments and awareness begins.

I have since read many other books from a large variety of authors that support the exact same premise. Oddly all of them were already read, or were on my shelves. I guess my ego kept me from seeing that truth back then.

I challenge you to take the opportunity and try these exercises. Like me you will probably be shocked at your initial ego insanity discovery but don't despair, it will get better. I now understand Tolle's title "A New Earth". It's not about the planet or civilization, it's about our shift away from ego insanity.

As with most recovery, admitting it is the first step ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The "iEgo"

Greetings and Happy 2012.

I've recently been brushing up on my ego-self awareness for a new year. I'm a Spring baby and I always go through a "birthing process" this time of year anyway. In reading my favorite books, they identify that anything with "I, My, Me, Mine, Our" etc. is directly from the ego-self, NOT the Spiritual Self.

Enter the "iEgo"

Isn't it nice that the company Apple has so clearly defined our ego-selves in products? Anything that starts with an "i" we don't REALLY need, it's just ego-satisfaction. Do we need an iPhone, iPad, iPod or iMac to survive or do business? No. It just makes life supposedly "easier" or at least more fun.

Now I must say that I am professionally an Executive Creative Director and use Apple products - back to the Lisa. I do have an iPhone that someone gave me and I use it for email and a phone since I work on my own. But I don't NEED them. I don't use an iMac because you are constantly upgrading a monitor and computer. I use a Mac Mini and a Macbook Pro for travel. It's not to to say that I don't consume Apple. I just don't consume for consumption's sake.

The above comment will probably tug at the ego of the Apple consumer, but take a moment and see if you are just satisfying your ego to have one of its iProducts. It's not a bad thing, just an

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