Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Would Spirits Seek us Out?

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(name withheld)

My friend of nearly 65 years recently told me they had encounters with spirits that actually talked to them. I was some what taken back by this but my friend has never lied to me nor have they ever had any mental problems, never been on any type of medications or abused drugs.

We have lived average lives alongside one another for a very long time. The spirits visit her on the beach of the island on which we grew up. They tell her historical information and one in particular told her some information to relay to another individual on earth )or a person alive on earth). Do you really think that is possible? Why would the spirits seek out this one individual? Why is it when I am not with her they do not appear?

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Thank you for contacting It's interesting our "minds", or better said ego, questions the act of communicating with Spirits as you have in your letter to us indicating "mental problems". We are unfortunately conditioned to think that way as we grow up.

That in mind,
We think it's wonderful that the spirits visit your friend on the beach where you both grew up, it must have been magical for her. To get historical information from them must be fascinating and she should check the information she receives against actual written facts to assure their accuracy for her own peace of mind. If she feels compelled to share the information about others she has received and feels uncomfortable about it, perhaps twist the facts a bit and say that the information came in a dream. There could be some very beneficial advice a friend may have been given through her.

You asked: Why would the spirits seek out this one individual? Why is it when I am not with her they do not appear? Why would they not seek her out? She must be open to it. You are probably not as open to it from your writing and this is probably the reason they do not appear in your presence.

We hope this is "food for thought" and thank you for your inquiry at


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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