Monday, June 14, 2010

Publishers Kill Trees Against Your Wishes

It's a sad fact that it's almost impossible to get off a mailing list. Worse yet, is that dead tree that someone throws at the end of my driveway in the form of some ad, newsletter or publication that I never signed up for in the first place.

Stated Clearly ...

For clarity sake of this blog item, let me state that I am not, and have not been a subscriber of any publication in 14+ years. I am on the "opt out" DMA "Do Not Mail" list and am also registered on the "Do Not Call" registry.

Although I own an Internet development business and have worked in advertising and publishing in the past for almost 25 years, I do not - and have never - advocated the practice that direct mail participants and publishers throwing unsolicited trash in your driveway and mailbox for the sake of their own "subscriber" or "homeowner reach" numbers. I know this for a fact - I've been in the business.

Repeat Offenders

I do everything possible to get off these lists and it's quite taxing. One of the worst offenders is the Roswell Beacon I have sent countless emails, left voicemail information at least 5 times until its "publisher" finally wrote me a nasty note indicating "I didn't care about my community" and such. No I don't care for your newsletter killing trees and littering my lawn when I never asked for it! It's a paid subscription and I'm not a subscriber - why are you littering my lawn?

After many calls and that harassing note from the "Beacon Publisher" the papers finally stopped, Until today, 5/14/2010 they are back. I tried to use their website to get off the list and the online form would not process my information. It seems we are back to square one.

Another horrible offender is ValPak - TRY and get off that list. The AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) is also another nut to crack. Although they do seem to follow through with canceling service that I've never signed up for, they still throw "supplements" or special promotion items yet again - in my driveway of mailbox. The AJC comes door-to-door every now and then to try and convert us, but I have never subscribed. I always note that ever I did subscribe, it would only be to the NY Times Sunday paper - even that is respectfully (kicking and screaming) trying to go digital only.

So Help Us Keep Our Trees

Boycott the institution like those mentioned that cannot respect our intentions not to subscribe or receive these publications, supplements and advertising. Take a stand to save our trees. Continue to request to receive your "news" or other information online. Do your part to "unsubscribe".

We'd Like to Keep the "Anti-Paper Use" Ball Rolling ...
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