Monday, April 4, 2011

Strengthen the Spirit Guide Bond

It's "said" that Spirit Guides are often those that we have known in this lifetime such a relatives, friends and other people we have know that have passed on. They are with us all the time and often help us out when we are in dire need, so strengthen that bond and call upon them when you are in distress. Many other sources say that our Spirit Guides are not to be called upon for casual problems - that is more the task of our Guardian Angels.

It's comforting to think that those that have passed and we might miss could assist us in our daily guidance. Be cautious not to "trap" one that has passed on into serving you, but rather ask for assistance should the need arise. Many also note that it is of no harm that you may simply think of your Guides, or speak with them 24x7. I know of someone who's guide was a former grandparent that was in the landscaping business. He often converses with him and shares the experience with his grandparent/Guide when he himself is outdoors and doing landscaping of his own.

Think of our Guides as someone in the room with you, or someone you are standing alone with for a long time. As common courtesy, you would probably strike up a conversation or at least communicate with them, not simply sit silent and ignore their presence.

Enjoy the day, share it with your Spirit Guides!
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