Monday, April 25, 2016

Changing Your "Channel" In Sedona

We've had many great experiences in Sedona, Arizona.  Hiking, exploring the vortexes, the amazing natural and organic foods (that DON'T actually cost a fortune) and amazing healing and spiritual experiences.  One of our favorite spiritual professionals for education, health suggestions, interesting information and a great overall spiritual experience is the "Inter-dimensional Channel and Psychic Seer" known simply as Shaw Ne.

A "New Channel" for All Of Life's Issues

Shaw Ne is known well throughout Sedona, parts of the nation and actually a great deal of the world.  You can find out many of the details and her background information at but we can tell you from personal experience, she's as much the "real deal" you can get.  We happened to see her brochure in the local Whole Foods market, were considering meeting with her then put it off to another day.  As luck would have it - if you believe in luck - we decided to go to one of the many weekly art fairs, walked past her booth and there she was, next to her flyer!  We didn't need any more convincing to go ahead and meet her.

Shaw Ne is also quite experienced in lapidary, gems, minerals and all things "rock" and is a fixture at the all the local art fairs.  We approached her booth of STUNNING wares and started up a conversation, then admitted to our seeing her brochure and scheduled an appointment.  We very much enjoyed her polished stones, jewelry and rare finds at her booth, then parted as we looked forward to our Channeling Session later that week.

What an Experience ...

This is were the "spoiler alert" comes in.  We don't think it's proper to tell you all about the experience we had during the channeling session - that you'll have to find out during your own session.  And we hope you do as soon as possible.  However, what we will say is it was not like anything we'd ever experienced, and we've experienced a lot.  Having studied meditation, religions, encounters, dreams, walk-ins and all things Spirit for years, this experience was much different.

As you arrive for your session, you'll find Shaw Ne prompt, kind and welcoming.  We experienced some fun chit-chat, told her where we were from, got comfortable and the experience began.  As the time passed, we covered life issues, concerns over health and employment and general suggestions and information from her "Teachers of Light" and other advisor with which she communicates during the session.  Before we knew it, we had been there three and a half hours had passed and it seemed like minutes!  We ended the session, settled up (credit/debit cards accepted) and vowed to do it again.  And have.

In closing we'd just like to note that we have since seen Shaw Ne several times in the Sedona scene, at her booth as local Art Fairs or at the occasional private session.  One thing is for sure, she's getting good information and is unbelievable consistent with her readings.  So give yourself a treat if you're ever in Sedona and look up Shaw Ne at the local Art Fairs or online at  It's an amazing experience you're not soon to forget!
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