Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The "iEgo"

Greetings and Happy 2012.

I've recently been brushing up on my ego-self awareness for a new year. I'm a Spring baby and I always go through a "birthing process" this time of year anyway. In reading my favorite books, they identify that anything with "I, My, Me, Mine, Our" etc. is directly from the ego-self, NOT the Spiritual Self.

Enter the "iEgo"

Isn't it nice that the company Apple has so clearly defined our ego-selves in products? Anything that starts with an "i" we don't REALLY need, it's just ego-satisfaction. Do we need an iPhone, iPad, iPod or iMac to survive or do business? No. It just makes life supposedly "easier" or at least more fun.

Now I must say that I am professionally an Executive Creative Director and use Apple products - back to the Lisa. I do have an iPhone that someone gave me and I use it for email and a phone since I work on my own. But I don't NEED them. I don't use an iMac because you are constantly upgrading a monitor and computer. I use a Mac Mini and a Macbook Pro for travel. It's not to to say that I don't consume Apple. I just don't consume for consumption's sake.

The above comment will probably tug at the ego of the Apple consumer, but take a moment and see if you are just satisfying your ego to have one of its iProducts. It's not a bad thing, just an


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